SEX: Male

BREED: domestic long hair

AGE: 8 years

Location: Rozelle, Sydney


MICROCHIP: 985170000089459

Black is our resident majestic black panther. He is BFG. Black was taken into care after his previous owner could not care for him due to him being diagnosed with diabetes. We are hoping he will go into remission and can be controlled with diet, but at this point we are not there yet. He requires twice daily insulin injections, and constant blood glucose monitoring. He takes all this like the champ he is, and has been the easiest cat to treat.

He is a sweetheart with a heart of gold, but is shy with strangers. He LOVES to be patted especially in the belly. I think in a past life he was a baker as he is a kneading expert, and gets so into it that he begins to drool.

Because of his diabetes, he needs someone who is prepared to continue treating him. He would suit a quiet home, but someone who is confident in treating cats and comfortable with injections. This will be a lifelong commitment so please contact us for more information.