SEX: Male

BREED: domestic shorthair

AGE: 5 months


Ninja from the moment born was always kicking his siblings Possum and Pigeon, hence how he got his name. He is full of personality, and yet is a sweet mummers boy at heart. He just adores his mum Shelby. He can always been found sunning himself along side her.

When he isn't resting Ninja is a ball of fun. He is extremely playful, inquisitive funny and sweet. 
The minute you rustle the kitty litter to clean he has to go. It is without fail.

Having grown up with his mum and siblings for so long he is extremely bonded to them. He thrives off having them around. They call each other to play or if they cannot find one another.
He loves toys. Any toys, and turns anything into a toy.

Ninja is an amazing kitten who was born in foster care, so he adores all humans and cats.