Ella & Harry

SEX: feMale & male

BREED: domestic short hair

AGE: 3 years

Location: pyrmont, Sydney

*UNAVAILABLE for ADOPTION at this moment

Ella & Harry are some of the most bonded cats we have ever met. They are completely dependent on one another. When we were first informed of this colony in north sydney, we thought their were 2 mothers with kittens each. It turned our Harry, was actually the father and helped Ella take care of the kittens. These kittens are Penny, Milly & Harriet currently available for adoption. They have such a strong bond with one another, and Harry just worships Ella. They are always together and every night have long PDA sessions. I

They have come such a long way since being in foster care, but still have a little bit to go. We will keep you updated on their progress.

*Ella & Harry are currently not available for adoption, but we would be open to a foster to adopt situation for these lovers. If this would interest you please contact us for more information.