Our Newest members of the Cat Orphanage, were 2 orphan babies which we have called Pickle & Rocket. These babies were both found separately with no mothers. They are with one of our amazing foster carers which specialises in neonatal kittens.

A kittens best chance of survival is with their mother. So if you find babies alone, Monitor the situation prior to interferring. Mum Cats will leave their babies to go search for food, and to have a break. So in many situations when you think they are alone they usually are not. If they are quiet and clean, then chances are mum is just taking a break. If after 3 hours mum has still not come back then only then should you interfere. Our advice would be to contact your local rescue and ask for advice on what to do next.

We will keep you updated on their progress.

Welcome Pickle and Rocket!!

Blacky Update

Our resident BFG, glorious black panther has not required insulin in 5 days! This is such a good sign that he is heading into remission. Previously he was requiring 2 insulin injections 12 hours apart. Diabetes can be extremely daunting at first. We had NEVER had a cat with diabetes, nor had we ever injected insulin into a cat before.

At times we felt completely overwhelmed, but we have found so much useful information on the internet. By watching you-tube videos, joined support groups on face books and staying on top of it we have made it work. If you cat is diagnosed with diabetes, DO NOT GIVE UP! once you get use to it, it is very easy to treat. A lot of cats are actually Type 2 diabetics. This means with change of diet to a low carb, high protein diet a lot of cats no longer require insulin.

This does not mean it will not come back, constant blood monitoring is required, but once you know the symptoms you can tell if they require insulin.

If you have any questions in regards to diabetes and treating your cat, do not be afraid to ask. We are more they happy to help you and give out any advice we have learnt.

We will keep you all posted on his progress but for now we have all fingers and toes crossed.