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Our Newest members of the Cat Orphanage, were 2 orphan babies which we have called Pickle & Rocket. These babies were both found separately with no mothers. They are with one of our amazing foster carers which specialises in neonatal kittens.

A kittens best chance of survival is with their mother. So if you find babies alone, Monitor the situation prior to interferring. Mum Cats will leave their babies to go search for food, and to have a break. So in many situations when you think they are alone they usually are not. If they are quiet and clean, then chances are mum is just taking a break. If after 3 hours mum has still not come back then only then should you interfere. Our advice would be to contact your local rescue and ask for advice on what to do next.

We will keep you updated on their progress.

Welcome Pickle and Rocket!!