SEX: Male

BREED: domestic short hair

AGE: Born 7/10/2018

Location: Rozelle, Sydney



Toto can be shy at times, but once he trust you he is a sweetie who just gazes adoringly into your eyes. He loves a cuddle and a pamper session. He also loves to help you clean the litter, and puts on a show overtime. He loves to play with his brothers and sisters and loves all cats in general. He is just an amazing boy without a mean bone in his body.
Toto is very bonded with his litter mates and still is a complete mamas boy. He can often be found sqwished in the bed with her. (The bed is for 1)
He is an old soul, who just has the beautiful presence and nature about him. He is a lot calmer then his siblings. He still loves to have a play but just had a very gentle nature to him. He has the squeakiest meow which just hits the heart every time.
Toto is truely just divine